Marketing for Restaurants | Ideas & Strategies for 2022

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The food and restaurant industry is rapidly growing along with the changes that people go through in terms of lifestyle and food habits. More restaurants are being opened to meet their peculiar needs with new nutritious, healthy, and taste-conscious audiences venturing out as distinct segments.

According to India Quick Serve Restaurants Market 2022, the restaurant industry is estimated to be valued at around USD 690.21 million in 2022 and continue to grow at a CAGR of 9.15% and reach USD 1069.3 million in 2027. With increasing competition growing in the industry, it might be harder for restaurants to make themselves stand out from the rest and appeal to massive crowds to run successfully.

Here’s where marketing comes into play. Performing the right marketing strategies specific to your restaurant could be the gamechanger to increasing your sales and attracting more customers to your restaurant!

Why Does Your Restaurant Need Marketing Strategies?

A marketing strategy, in essence, is a set of activities and strategies that your business implements for marketing. The marketing could be done to increase sales and profits, increase customer loyalty, establish brand identity, etc.

A marketing strategy has multi-purposes that are too important to ignore, especially in the face of increased competition. So if you’re wondering why your restaurant needs marketing strategies, here are some reasons why:

  • An effective marketing strategy sets the brand apart from other similar restaurant brands in the industry
  • It helps to convey the right kind of messages through its ads, social media presence, etc to the target audience
  • It helps to build brand identity
  • It helps attract new customers to your restaurant, thereby increasing overall sales and profit of the restaurant
  • It helps to retain existing customers and increase customer loyalty
  • It gives exposure to the restaurant in new markets

The benefits of a good marketing strategy for your restaurant are undeniable. Now let us look into some examples of effective marketing strategies that could help grow your restaurant business.

Marketing Strategies For Your Restaurant

The marketing strategies that you implement for your business may be of different kinds. The main thing to keep in mind is the purpose you are using a particular marketing strategy for.

In this section, we will look into marketing strategies that you can apply to your restaurant and marketing strategies that you can apply to your customer based on the kind of output or goal you can look to achieve.

1. For Your Restaurant

The marketing strategies that you apply for your restaurant are aimed to directly affect the restaurant in some aspects thereby giving it a new identity, opening up new channels for the target audience, connecting with the audience, etc. Here are a few marketing strategies that you can implement in your restaurant;

Restaurant’s Brand Identity

The brand identity in essence forms the identity of the whole business. It tells the customer about who you are, what you do and what you aim to achieve. Even though the name of the restaurant, the logo and the colours used in the theme form an essential element of the restaurant’s brand identity, they are not the only parts that form it.

The brand identity adds personality to the restaurant so that when the customers think of the restaurant, it helps in invoking a particular emotion within them and not just remain as a place that serves good food.

For example, McDonald’s evokes an emotion of happiness and joy in its customers. The brand identity represents family, joy, love, and youth. McDonald’s achieves this through the following ways:

  • The brand logo has red and yellow colours in it, which gives the brand a cheery appearance
  • The food served is cheaper, making it an affordable place for families to have a quick meal at
  • The “happy meal” feature of McDonald’s is aimed at children, enticing a feeling of excitement with different toys with their meals
  • The clown, Ronald McDonald also forms a big part of its brand identity as it connects with young children and attracts them to the fast food chain
  • The catchy phrase, “I’m lovin’ it” also forms an important part of the brand identity, distinguishing it from other fast food burger chains in the world

Restaurant Apps Are The Way To Go

In today’s world, almost everybody who has access to the internet uses it to buy food in one form or the other. Creating a personalized app for your restaurant or signing up your restaurant on existing food apps like Swiggy and Zomato, makes your restaurant more accessible to people.

People who previously may not have heard about your restaurant may come to know about it through these apps, thereby increasing the number of customers you drive to your restaurant. Creating a personalized app for your restaurant on the other hand makes it easier for existing customers to keep in touch with your brand, know about new offers or deals you have to offer, order food in your restaurant directly, etc, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

A Functional Online Menu

A menu typically acts as a forefront for your restaurant. Knowing your menu helps the customers find out about the kinds of food you serve, the budget they can use to buy it, etc. Having a functional online menu with attractive elements helps new customers know about your restaurant and help them decide if they want to buy from your restaurant or not.

Birthday Reminder Emails With Discounts Work Like A Charm!

Email marketing strategies are one of the most effective kinds of marketing strategies when done in the right way. You can have customers sign up their email along with their birthdays to remind them to buy something from your restaurant on their birthday.

People usually have a busy life and do not always have you in mind amidst their work. Sending them a reminder through an email is a simple way to notify them about your presence. Adding discounts, offers or deals, specifically for their birthday further encourages them to choose your restaurant over another they might have in their mind.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

Digital marketing is an effective means of marketing your restaurant especially if you aim to drive customers to your restaurant around various localities. Usually when a new restaurant opens up only people around the vicinity get to know about it unless the news of its presence is spread around through word of mouth or ads.

Digital marketing is a great way to get the word across especially when your restaurant has a limited budget. Creating Google, Facebook and Instagram ads helps reach a wider audience and drive them to your restaurant. But we understand that this is easier said than done. Running online ads tends to require a degree of technical and statistical know-how that you, as a business owner, may not have. But with Zocket, you are on the greener side! Use Zocket to run high-performance digital ads and launch complete campaigns with minimal effort and an intuitive UI.

Invite Food Critics & Bloggers to Your Door

A good way to gain the trust of new customers and make them try the food at your restaurant is by inviting food critics and bloggers to your restaurant. Food critics and bloggers are people who already have an online presence with people who love food.

When they visit your restaurant and post content about the kinds of food served in the restaurant and their review of it, people who follow them get to know about your restaurant and are more likely to visit it if they liked the review.

Foodie Photos That Make Them Drool

Pictures are the next real thing to seeing the actual upfront. Posting good pictures of the food served in your restaurant may tempt people to try out the food served at your restaurant and help drive more new customers to it.

2. For Your Customers

Another way to achieve your marketing goals is by implementing strategies that directly interact with your customers. Here are a few such marketing strategies you can try for your restaurant:

Food Challenge To Get Them Riled Up

Foodies love a good food challenge. Posting food challenges for your restaurant is a good way to attract customers that love food. Food challenges can be of many types. You can post a food eating contest, a reward or prize for eating a specific number of foods, etc.

Ask For Reviews And Respond To Them

Always ask for reviews from your customers and respond to them by making necessary changes to improve their experience at your restaurant. This makes the customers feel heard and increases customer loyalty.

How To Turn Negative Online Reviews Into A Marketing Opportunity?

A negative online review might seem disappointing but it helps you tune into a problem you didn’t know existed. Instead of sulking about a negative review, you can look into it to see if it has some value.

Show Off Your Staff On Your Socials

Adding human elements to your restaurant is a great way to connect with your customers. You can do this by posting pictures of your employees with happy faces on the various social media platforms of your restaurant.

This also helps customers know the faces behind the brand and increase their trust in the restaurant.

Social Media Contests

Social media contests are a great way to engage new customers. You can post contests and giveaways relevant to your restaurant on your social media platforms that your target audience most engages in. The key to hosting a great giveaway is to make sure that the prize is something worthwhile and something that your customers would want to win.

Having cheap merch as a prize might not be that appealing to customers. Instead, you could offer prizes that people want to win such as free food, free delivery, dinner for two, etc. This is a great way to increase followers and attract more local customers to your restaurant.

Send Out An Email Newsletter

Sending out email newsletters is a great way to keep interacting with your customers from time to time. You can send reminders of any special occasions, upcoming events, discounts and offers in your restaurant, remind customers about your menu, etc.

Promote Your Top-Selling Items

The best way to promote your restaurant to customers is to show customers what your top-selling items are. You can post customer reviews raving about the product so that other people can also know about it. This tempts more people to try the product.

Instagram Is The Jam

Instagram is at the top of the list in social media marketing. People of all kinds are members of this constantly growing platform. You can take maximum advantage of this platform to show your customers pictures of your restaurant, amazing pictures of your food, update events, snap pictures of customers and connect with them.

Good pictures, decent captions and relevant hashtags are a must to have a good presence on Instagram and make the most out of it.

That Extra Touch For Your Restaurant Marketing

There are a few marketing strategies that you can use specifically for the type of restaurant that you own. Here are a few examples to get you started!

Bar Marketing: You can host themed game nights on specific days of the week.

Coffee Shop Marketing: An iconic example of coffee shop marketing is Starbucks. Starbucks began writing customer names on coffee cups to increase work efficiency but it began to establish itself as a great marketing strategy. Customers felt a sense of ownership seeing their names on the cups and it also increased brand awareness amongst the target audience.

Bakery Marketing: Bakeries could run contests encouraging customers to come up with their flavours for baked goods, thereby increasing customer engagement.

Nightclub Marketing: Nightclub owners could host special dance nights or happy hours serving free drinks on a particular day or hour.


There are many marketing strategies that you can use for your restaurant. You just have to be creative and come up with ideas that would work best for your establishment and attract more customers.

The most important thing is to focus on your target audience and what type of marketing would work best for them. Try out a few different strategies and see which ones work best for you! Try Zocket today and begin marketing your business across Google, Facebook and more within 30 seconds.

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