Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns: The Pros And Cons

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Many brands that are successful with influencer marketing incorporate it into their digital marketing strategy.

So what does influencer marketing do? It acts as a highlight of social media marketing, provides opportunities for businesses to raise brand awareness, form valuable partnerships, increase sales, and support other marketing campaigns such as SEO and SEM.

Influencer marketing is a very effective tool. As a result, many businesses are interested in promoting their brands through popular social media influencers.

Brands are forming alliances with social media influencers in order to reach a larger audience globally. Influencer marketing allows brands to collaborate with social media through the use of a well-defined and well-designed social media marketing strategy.

An Overview Of Trends Seen In Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing has grown in the last year, evolving from its infancy. Whereas it was once regarded as a secondary route to consumers, it is now regarded as a critical channel at every marketing table. As a result, you should be aware of the most recent trends in influencer marketing.

Voice, video, and regional content are now three separate influencer marketing trends. They must, however, be considered as a unit because they are interconnected, with regional content underpinning it all.

The majority of internet users in India speak and read in an Indian language. Because of this, most networking apps, from Instagram to LinkedIn to Clubhouse, have added support for multiple Indian languages.

Furthermore, when these users consume content, they are drawn to creators who speak the same language, which is why regional content creators from Tier 2 and 3 cities have grown in popularity.

As a result, in 2022, expect to see influencer campaigns and the resulting branded content shift away from English and toward regional languages. This leads us to the videos.

Videos are the most popular type of content, especially among regional content consumers. Speaking, listening, and watching are more natural ways for them to interact with technology than typing or reading.

Short videos have unquestionably risen in popularity as an influencer trend in recent months. Longer videos, on the other hand, will make a comeback in the coming months. Instagram has already introduced a separate tab for longer videos, and Reels has increased the duration to one minute. Because it allows for more in-depth storytelling and entertainment, brands will begin to incorporate it into their arsenal.

Top 7 Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns In 2022

Host Giveaways, Contests, Sweepstakes, and Event Activations

Giveaway campaigns are very popular among all of the influencer marketing campaigns that we see on social media because of their simplicity and mutual benefit.

Hosting giveaways provides a lot of guaranteed growth in the form of social actions like following, liking, sharing, retweeting, and commenting. This also has a number of obvious benefits, such as increased brand awareness as a result of the high creativity of the influencer content.

In this example, a fitness influencer Bethany Lea gave away activewear clothes to people who liked this post, tagged a friend in her post’s comment, and followed her and the brands’ accounts.

Social Media Takeover

A “social media takeover” occurs when an influencer takes over your social media channels and shares content for a set period of time.

Typically, the period lasts about a day. However, some special events or occasions can take up to a week.

In this example, the chef of Salviatino, Silvia Grossi, took over Travel & Leisure’s Instagram profile to share an easy, home-cooked meal recipe.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting products that rely on third-party partners. It will either promote a product sale on-site or redirect to your website. When a sale occurs as a result of this, the affiliate partner will be paid or rewarded in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The influencer has compensated a percentage of all sales generated as a result of their content and influence.

This is an excellent method of influencer marketing because it encourages the influencer to actively support the product because they benefit from every sale.

For example, suppose you had an e-commerce brand selling clothes and fashion accessories. By giving 12 influencers a unique promotion code for them to share with their fans, and with each promotion code used in your online store, the influencer will get a commission, and you get a sale.

Sponsored Social Media Content

Sponsored posts are classic and straightforward. It is the most common type of influencer marketing campaign. Even if your content is excellent, there is a significant risk that it will never gain enough traction unless it is shared by influencers. 

Sponsored posts are effective because brands pay the influencer to create promotional content for them.

Sponsored posts are effective because brands pay the influencer to create promotional content for them. A brand should provide guidelines, expectations, or themes from their brand so that influencers understand what you want them to do.

In this example, Juhi Godambe – a fashion blogger shared with her fans the Premium Whiskey from Blenders Pride in a sponsored post on her Instagram.

Gifts, Unboxing, and Reviews

This type of influencer marketing campaign involves brands gifting products or services to influencers. In exchange, the influencer may voluntarily record an unboxing video or simply review their experiences on their social media channels, a practice known as product seeding.

If influencers are new customers, you will have the opportunity to test your products firsthand. If they are already your customers and will now receive your product for free, they may fall in love with your products or services, even more, increasing your chances of receiving a positive product review on social media.

This type of influencer marketing primarily works with micro-influencers who enjoy receiving gifts from brands. A typical example is a review post from Aashna Shroff on Instagram—a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

She shares a video with her fans unboxing & reviewing L’oreal Paris’s newly launched product called ExOil Smooth shampoo and conditioners. The product is a gift from the company to Aashna.

Brand Ambassador Programs

A brand ambassador is an influencer who regularly or daily shares content for a brand.

Brand ambassadors typically work with a company on a long-term basis. The time span could range from a few months to a year or more.

Brand ambassadors serve as a brand’s “face.” They function similarly to how celebrity spokespeople function in traditional advertising campaigns.

By collaborating with brand ambassadors, you can ensure that content about your products appears on their channels on a regular basis. The content then imprints your brand image on the audience of the ambassadors, resulting in consistent brand awareness.

To take an example, Samantha Prabhu – is an extremely famous and talented actress, a celebrity influencer who has just officially signed the brand ambassador contract with Mamaearth, a cosmetic and skincare brand.

Pre-Release and Discount Codes

Pre-release campaigns are nothing new to brands these days. Because there are millions of new products released each year, brands must create excitement for customers while they wait for the release. Influencer marketing campaigns are ideal for pre-release campaigns.

Companies can get the most out of this campaign by collaborating with influencers. The sense of exclusivity that this campaign restores in influencers makes them feel extremely proud to be the first to try the product.

By providing premium shopping codes, you are allowing influencers to increase your overall reach. It is a type of Call-To-Action feature that encourages customers to act and buy something. If they see their favorite influencer sharing a discount code, they may proceed directly to the final steps if they are still unsure.

The Best Platforms to Help You Run Your Influencer Campaigns Effectively

Influencer platforms serve as a resource to assist agencies and brands in managing and working with influencers. An Influencer Marketing Platform (IMP) is a software solution that helps brands with their campaigns.

They offer influencer discovery tools for brands and agencies, as well as massive searchable databases of potential influencers based on clever algorithms.

Influencer marketing platforms enable you to track and analyze campaign effectiveness with any influencer on your team. This way, you can determine which influencers help you generate profit to scale your business and which influencers help you generate profit to scale your business.

1. Grin

Grin is a model of how to do things correctly. According to Grin’s philosophy, influencer marketing is marketing to the influencer. Everything else will fall into place if you establish a trusting relationship with them.

Grin’s primary focus is on eCommerce businesses, with integrations into some of the most popular shopping platforms. The platform is simple to use and provides all of the important features that a top-tier marketing management software should. It organizes everything into workflows so that users are never lost.

Grin’s searchable database includes Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok influencers. You can search for over 100 million influencers, with approximately 37 million of those profiles including email addresses. Once you’ve identified appropriate influencers, Grin’s Lookalike function can help you find even more, just like your preferred selections.

2. Creator IQ

CreatorIQ relies on technology to not only simplify the influencer marketing process, but also to solve problems that have largely affected the industry: follower fraud, inflated reach metrics, and mercenary/inauthentic influencers.

Among their clients are some well-known brands such as Disney, Tiffany & Co., Unilever, Dell, and Ralph Lauren. They openly admit that the majority of their clients are large corporations, with the smallest clients on their published list earning around $100 million per year.

CreatorIQ’s capabilities and scope are unrivaled. The AI examines all of the discrete components of any given piece of content—the image, the location, mentions, and even emojis—and draws logical conclusions. This ensures that the influencers highlighted are extremely relevant.

3. UpFluence

Upfluence is a self-service platform, allowing it to set its pricing at an affordable level for small and medium-sized businesses, though it also serves companies such as Microsoft and PayPal.

It was founded on two products: Facade, a social media search engine, and Publishr, an influencer relationship management system.

It makes use of a massive database containing 500 million pieces of content spread across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs. Businesses can search the database for influencers who meet their specific criteria.

The influencer management system gives brands the tools they need to manage each influencer partnership.

For example, they can compile lists of relevant influencers for specific campaigns. They can monitor the effectiveness of their influencer campaigns and collaborate on content.

How To Succeed With An Influencer Marketing Campaign

The possibilities for influencer marketing are virtually limitless. As consumers’ purchasing decisions become more reliant on the advice of influencers, brands have an excellent opportunity to navigate the customer journey and tell the story in their own unique way.

Influencer marketing has evolved into an opportunity for brands to capitalize on. It has never been easier for brands to engage with consumers, build brand awareness, and increase conversions in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Consumers today expect brands to communicate with them more organically, in addition to the constant evolution of social media, which necessitates quick adaptation from businesses. Influencers who are experts in this field can assist you with this.

By identifying the right influencer for your business and incorporating appropriate influencer marketing campaigns into your strategic plan, you will increase your reach among potential customers while also establishing significant partnerships and connections with both influencers and audiences.

Ready to start your first influencer marketing campaign today?

Kudos! You’ve completed the third step by understanding the different types of influencer marketing. We’re not done yet; there’s a lot more to learn about influencer marketing, and we’ve divided it up into sections to make it easier for you. The following phase would be to learn how to measure your campaigns using key performance indicators.

Despite its growing popularity, influencer marketing remains an underutilized channel and will remain an important marketing strategy in businesses for many years to come.

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about influencer marketing, launch your first campaign right away. It may take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your brand, but in the end, you’ll discover that a solid influencer marketing strategy is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for quickly tapping into new audiences and generating quality customers.

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