How To Increase Online Sales With Influencer Marketing Tactics

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Why is influencer marketing for e-Commerce so effective?

Influencers are extremely effective for eCommerce sales because their following implicitly believe whatever they say.

The e-commerce market is a very competitive one. There are currently over 7 million internet retailers. That is a lot of other stores for buyers to choose from.

Before making a purchase, we are conditioned to look for online reviews. These are usually from ordinary people, and even this unverified social proof is enough to impact our decision.

However, there is an astonishing amount of trust between influencers and followers. When the top influencers promote a product, it’s like the most valuable review imaginable; it’s highly probable that a follower will consider that recommendation, just as they would if it came from a close friend or colleague.

An influencer marketing strategy, when done correctly, can increase brand awareness and drive online conversions. Effective influencers express a brand story in an engaging way, allowing brands to engage with their audience and increase conversions.

Influencer marketing allows e-commerce brands to increase their customer base & to do their own marketing instead of spending thousands on ads that may or may not work.

5 Quick & Easy Influencer Marketing Strategies to Increase Online Sales

Influencer marketing is a social media strategy where a brand pays an influencer to promote their product. Payments are made in the form of free products, cash payments or discounts on high-priced items.

Instagram is the most popular influencer marketing platform right now.

Fact: 89% of customers will buy from brands they follow on social media (and 84% will select brands they follow over competitors they don’t).

You can’t afford to ignore social selling possibilities because your social presence is such an important part of the buyer’s journey. We’ve broken down five methods that can be used by almost every brand.

1. Promote Coupon Codes, Discounts and Promos

The goal is straightforward: reward your fans with social-only discounts and coupon codes.

For example, it’s common for brands to use the following to direct social traffic to their product pages: 

  • Coupon codes and discounts (like 10 percent off for customers from Instagram)
  • Sales Offers that are currently taking place on-site will be announced.
  • Contests and giveaways in which participants must become followers

Consider social discounts to be a friendly exchange. They get a deal, and you get a follower. Everybody wins! Offers and discounts are a tried-and-true method of engaging followers, and they’re ideal for both social photos and captions.

If you’ve scrolled through any sponsored influencer post on Instagram in the last few years, you’re probably familiar with the, “To get an additional 10% off on this product use my special coupon code so&so” lines.

Almost all influencer campaigns lead to a discount code or promotion suited to that audience.

The goal, as with any discount campaign, is to pique people’s attention, encourage them to visit the website and convert some of them into long-term clients.

If it’s in your budget, you can also create social media ads featuring an exclusive offer. This simultaneously attracts customers to your social media accounts and product pages.

2. Run Social Media Competitions and Giveaways

The concept is simple: the business will provide a free product or service in exchange for the influencer running a competition to win one of these as a prize. The competition can be structured in a variety of ways, however, the following are some typical ideas:

  • Tagging a friend 
  • Describe what you’d do with the prize in the comments
  • They are sharing the post on their own page, channel, or account. 
  • Submitting a unique concept (new name, logo, drawing, product concept)
  • Include a picture of yourself doing something related to the product.

The goal is to get people to interact with the brand and build a positive reputation. And, of course, increase sales indirectly. 

The idea is that the cost of an influencer and the products will be less than the profit.

However, a competition campaign can go viral (or at least somewhat viral) and gain far more traction than planned. This extra reach is completely free, and it has the potential to produce amazing results—but you can’t count on it.

This influencer, for example, teamed with Credo Beauty to give away one of their luxury sun-care packages and $150 facial treatment to the influencer’s followers in the Instagram post below.

Participants simply had to ‘like’ the post, follow both the influencer and the firm on social media, tag three friends, and share on their own Instagram stories to join the competition. The influencer made sure to specify when the results would be published at the conclusion.

3. Excite Your Followers Up with Product Launches

Social media launches are a great way to create buzz around new and upcoming products. Announcements are an excellent approach to keep things on the audience’s minds before they’re even accessible.

Many brands, for example, may release photos and teasers to build suspense and excitement for a major announcement. Because of the countdown feature, which hypes a product’s arrival down to the second, Instagram Stories are an excellent platform for announcements as well.

Swatch, a digital-first watch company, understands how to use social media buzz to boost online sales. Here’s an excellent example of how to tease a launch and then execute it flawlessly:

Swatch recently released a limited-edition wristwatch in partnership with the James Bond film franchise — MOONRAKER.

Prior to and after the launch, there was a flood of MOONRAKER-related posts, including a ton of user-generated content.

With so much exposure to the product leading up to the debut, fans had plenty of time to complete their research and decide whether or not to purchase. This is a textbook example of how generating excitement for your social media launches can help you boost online sales.

4. Leverage The Use Of Video

Thanks to TikTok, video has become such a popular tool on social media that Instagram has introduced its own version called Reels. This is a fantastic method to generate more content for your company, as well as for influencers to use on their own profiles.

Make an unboxing video or have the influencer demonstrate how your product works. People are more inclined to watch the video if the product is properly packaged, which not only entices them to buy the goods but also aids the influencer’s involvement. The higher the engagement rate on a post, the higher the chance that it will be promoted to the top of the featured page.

Of course, labeling the products on your posts can help you optimize your video material. Adding links to Instagram stories can accomplish two goals at once: showing your campaign and directing curious customers to your landing page.

When sharing videos, you can also use the “swipe up” option to create a visually appealing call-to-action.

Because moving messages are more tempting and engaging, videos will continue to gain popularity. Most importantly, viewers have a greater understanding of them. As an eCommerce business owner, it’s clear that you need to take advantage of the potential of video content by employing a video maker to create spectacular videos that wow your customers.

5. Encourage Customers to Promote Your Products via UGC

Implementing User-Generated Content (UGC) is one of the most overlooked tactics that can massively boost your social media presence (while increasing e-commerce KPIs). With personalized advertising becoming more prevalent on the internet, one thing is clear: people love real-life experiences and connections.

Not only does user-generated content (UGC) increase social media exposure, but it also allows for audience involvement. Telling your brand’s narrative through the eyes of your most loyal supporters establishes your brand as trustworthy, reliable, and genuine in the eyes of your audience.

According to studies, peer recommendations are trusted by 84 percent of customers more than any other form of advertising. This isn’t surprising, given that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available, and UGC organically amplifies it.

Brands like La Croix, for example, often tap on their creator community to boost sales and word of mouth at the same time.

Translation? Customers want to see real-life instances of items in action.

This emphasizes the necessity of not only resharing and reposting UGC but also cultivating an army of supporters and creators who will promote you on a regular basis.

Because creators cultivate not simply brand recognition but also a sense of trust in their content. This is a win-win situation for both brands and customers.


Finding cost-effective advertising platforms will become increasingly important as the popularity of e-commerce grows.

In exchange for Instagram postings, you can provide customers discounts on products. These posts act as influencer marketing channels, allowing your products to be viewed by a larger audience on a more frequent basis.

You can expand your market to new customers by giving discounted rates, which, according to studies, promotes buying behaviors.

Similarly, using influencer marketing to save money on advertising and keep your budget where you want it is a great method to save your marketing dollars.

What benefits have you found through influencer marketing for e-commerce?

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