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With this digital marketing guide your business will be known for haircuts, pedicures and much more in your surrounding areas or even across cities. Learn more about digital marketing and get a CUT above your competition.

Facebook Ad Creatives for Salons

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Instagram Ad Creatives for Salons

Instagram Ad Creative Sample for Salon - Offer 10% AD Copy

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Why Digital Marketing is important for Salons?

Local reputation

Local reputation of your business must be treated as a core feature for your Salon business as it gets you better ratings. Digital marketing aids in making your local reputation stand out as it builds trust and loyalty among the targeted audience.

Strong relations

A better relationship allows your business and your customers both to have a better and personalized experience. A strong relationship is as important as the service that your salon is offering and digital marketing helps you understand what your customer’s wants and how they respond to your service.


Making your salon cost efficient for the customers facilitates your business to become more profitable by generating more revenue and improve the value of your services. Digital marketing aids in identifying the services that your audience values more and helps you to price accordingly.

Competitive Market

Through digital marketing your salon can identify its goals and increase brand value. It lets your business stand out by having a wider reach and increasing your salons visibility across all platforms. Your salon has the upper hand since digital marketing drives a more relevant audience and is cheaper than traditional marketing.

Be unique- Be Digital

There’s a lot of competition in the salon market and you must stand out of the crowd in order to beat the competition. People are looking for all kinds of services online which makes digital marketing more and more important. You can leave the creative part to Zocket, we’ll take care of your creatives and ads, all you have to worry about is managing clients.

Evolving consumer

Consumers evolve at a very fast pace and for your business to match that speed your salon must go digital. The society is transforming into an E-commerce society and if you want more customers then digital is the way to go.

No Expertise Required - Run Ads in 30 Seconds

Strategies to promote your Salon

Social media

We live in a digital world where people love to be communicates through images and videos rather than read about it somewhere. A person who is looking for a new hairstyles comes across your post and that’s where the magic happens. You salon gets more visibility, trust and awareness and that gives them more of a reason to use your service.


A website can be use to convey your expertise, the value you provide to the customer. YOu can talk about your salon services and also sell products online, not only this but you’ll have a better platform to portray your salon values. You can get customers to book appointments online and publicize your offers.

List on Google My Business

Listing your salon on google my business should be done with one single goal in mind and that is to make google certain that you are the best salon in town. It gives you insight on the ratings and reviews that your salon receives which will entice people to take up your service.

Create content

Creating content is also a way for you to tell a story about your salon business that portrays your core values and what makes your business stand out of the crowd. It gives the customers a reason to take up your service and gives more credibility to your niche.

Paid Advertising

A salon business is a very narrow niche and that narrows down the audience as well. How do you target relevant audience? Paid ads will look into the behavior and interests of people online and targets the audience based on that through paid ads.

Beauty tips and blogging

Posting relevant content about beauty tips and hair styling gives more credibility to your services and products in the market. With the help of Zocket you can post about such relevant stuff on all your socials across multiple platforms. In this way you will get audience who will have a direct interest in your services.

Zocket App vs Traditional Marketing Agency

Zocket App

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Marketing Agency

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  • A root canal procedure is easier

How easy is it to use Zocket App for your Salon Business?

Salons that are leveraging FB & Instagram Ads


The best way to advertise your salon is through Zocket. It’s got everything you need to run ads and we have simplified the whole process to give you the most seamless customer experience from creating a post for your ads to managing your customers. Zocket focuses towards your business reaching out to customers in the digital world on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google.

With Zocket you can run ads, manage campaigns across multiple platforms, manage clients. Your salon business will have a wider reach and more brand visibility which is very important in todays competitive market. More than half of the world uses social media and Zocket helps you reach them before your competitors.

In order to run ads you need creative posts which Zocket provides to you for free. Creative posts, Automated descriptions, you can also add personalized photos to which we will provide creative templates to make your ad unique, stand out amongst the pile of ads. You can share these ads as a post on your socials as well through the Zocket app. Go digital, be unique with Zocket.

Yes! Zocket is free to use, all the best features such as creative posts, descriptions for your posts, personalizing ads across all platforms and managing clientele can be used for your salon business at zero cost. The only payment requires is for the ad campaigns which must be looked as the best investment for your salon. Once this is done you can manage the multiple customers that come in through the Zocket app.

You have to choose which ads to run for your salon business, then Zocket will start running campaigns for your salon across multiple platforms and target the audience who have relevant interests and promote it to them. Zocket makes your targeted audience aware about your brands and service, so when they require a service related to salon they will reach out to you. Start promoting with Zocket now!

More than half of the world now uses social media (58.4%) 4.62 billion people around the world now use social media, and if your salon is not up there promoting your services and products, you’re missing out. In this competitive field he best tactic for salons to stand out is to promote on social media and Zocket gives you the opportunity to do it in the most seamless way.

Link all your social to the Zocket app, select the ads to be run on your socials, you can also select the option to post the ad on your socials and advertise it at the same time. Once this is done hit the promote button and Zocket will start running ads on all your linked accounts. You can manage your customers that come in through the Zocket app and personalize your ads based on how the customers respond to your salons ad.

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