Digital Marketing for
Jewellery Shops

177 million people shop online in India. It’s about time you get your Jewellery business out there in the digital world. Read further into this guide and know more about digital marketing for your Jewellery business.

Facebook Ad Creatives for Jewellery Shops

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FB Ad Creative for Jewellery Stores- Chocolate Chip Cookies AD Copy

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Instagram Ad Creatives for Jewellery Stores

Instagram Ad Creative Sample for Jewellery Stores - Platinum Ad Copy

Are you worried about your Jewellery losing its spark? Do you want ot keep it looking new for longer? Bring it to us and we’ll take care of it.

Instagram Ad Creative Sample for Jewellery Stores - Gold Necklace

Searching for the best prices on diamond rings? (Your Business) is your one-stop shop!

Instagram Ad Creative Sample for Jewellery Stores

Add a little sparkle to your life with our stunning Jewellery collection!

Why Digital Marketing is important for Jewellery Stores?

Reach New Customers

The most amazing thing about digital marketing is that it allows us to reach new customers, even newer markets sometimes by enabling us to explore into different market segments of the same niche. With Zocket your Jewellery business can target audience based on age, location, interests etc. For a niche business such as Jewellery this is a big win.

Engage Existing Customers

Customer loyalty is a core factor for Jewellery business, in order to gain their trust you must engage them through various platforms which they find credible. Digital marketing acts as a pillar for trust since you will be engaging your existing customers with your latest products and services, making them aware of your latest offerings.

Low Cost

In comparison to the Digital marketing agencies and doing it yourself, we at Zocket provide you with a much cost effective alternative. The only cost that you will have to bear is managing multiple leads for your Jewellery business and also pay for the ads. The rest you’ll get for free of cost, things like creative images, description and much more.

Brand Building

As a Jewellery business owner you must have a brand identity of your own. It makes your business more visible among the market and forms a base for trust and credibility in the general audience. Zocket helps you with identifying your niche and your target audience which helps you form a brand of your own.


A key advantage of digital marketing would be personalization of your database. The more customers that come in, the more you can refine your products and services to customers preferences. This will give the customers what they want and in return you will get loyal and new customers.

Measurable Results

Digital marketing not only gives you more customers, lead, awareness, brand visibility but also gives you data. You can use this data to measure how your campaigns are performing which will give you insights on how people are responding to your products and services. You can use this to modify accordingly to drive better results.

No Expertise Required - Run Ads in 30 Seconds

Digital Marketing Strategies for Jewellery Stores

Google My Business

Organic SEO on your website done right will no doubt get visitors to your website and bakery on autopilot but if you want to take it to the next level then google AdWords is a no-brainer. Start ranking for keywords that you offer and get those customers to your bakery today.

Build a great website

A website is a must for your jewellery business as it will give your business a place to showcase your best products and services. Additionally you can convey how you value your customers and what their business means to you. The traffic that comes to your website will be the ideal audience who are interested in your products.

Do not miss out on influencer marketing

The best way to give out offers is through influencers, it will provide an additional value to the offer which is trust through the influencer. Gives them one more reason to make the purchase and become your customer. Consistent engagement with influencer marketing will give you a wider reach among the targeted audience and more credibility.

Online ads for higher sales

Be it Facebook, Instagram, google or even YouTube. Advertising in these platforms will surely get business for your Jewellery shop. You must be consistent in running ads across all the platforms in order to make your brand more visible and drive sales. With Zocket you can do all of this and much more like measuring metrics getting automated creatives etc. all in one app.

Lead Nurturing & Follow Up Processes

What’s the difference between a digital marketing agency and Zocket. In Zocket you will be able to follow up leads in the best and easiest way possible. Following up with your leads as soon as you get them gives you an upperhand from other businesses. Zocket gives your business the opportunity to engage with your customers. 

Creative product descriptions

Your website is an amazing place to showcase your products but that’s not all with digital marketing you can get creative with product descriptions. You can convey your product accordingly to the core values of your business or even go with something trendy. Whatever catches the customers eye. This way you can keep your traffic relevant to your niche and get better leads and better conversion rate.

Zocket App vs Traditional Marketing Agency

Zocket App

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Marketing Agency

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Jewellery Stores that are leveraging FB & Instagram Ads


Your Jewellery business has the best collection, the best store, the best everything but what about marketing? Install Zocket and have the best marketing app for your Jewellery business. Run ads, post creative social posts, manage your clientele everything with Zocket.

It’s simple! Download the Zocket app-Select the creatives you want to run ads for- don’t worry about the images and description, we’ve got that covered for you! – Start running ads on social media. You can also post the ads on your feed with Zocket.

Yes!! Zocket is free to install and use. You can get the creatives, descriptions and much more all at no cost. The only investment that you will be making is to pay for the ad campaigns and investing your time in the follow up of clients.

Zocket gives you the seamless app experience to run ads on. It’s time efficient, cost efficient and you can handle the ads, customers all in one place. Get started with Zocket by linking your Facebook business profile to Zocket right now.

Creative posts, Captions generated by AI, Clientele management, Campaign management and a smooth interface that lets you run ads in 60 seconds and much more coming up for your business.

Facebook has a lot of steps to run a single ad and that makes it a complicated process. Zocket has made running ads simple and easy by taking out all the complicated processes and giving you a smooth ride as you run ads and get customers.

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