Digital Marketing for Dentists & Dental Clinics

Digital Marketing is an important part of any business and this is especially true for Dentists. Read this guide to see the benefits it provides, how it works and how to get started.

Facebook Ad Creatives for Dental Clinics

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Instagram Ad Creatives for Dental Clinics

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Why Digital Marketing is important for Dental Clinic?

Connect with your customers

The purpose of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and google is to connect with people. Your dental clinic must look at social media as an opportunity to connect with new customers as well as the existing ones. Because when you get connected to the customers they become repeat customers, and repeat customers is a priority to business success.

More leads

What does digital marketing do for your dental clinic?  Identify-Attract-Transform people from online users to a potential lead for your clinic. How do you do this? Though advertising platforms, content about your dental service for your platforms, measuring how your ads are performing and GENERATING LEADS.

Less expensive

Why is Digital marketing cost-effective for your dental clinic? It helps you target the audience who might already be interested in your service. All you have to do is implement the different digital marketing strategies to convey your offerings in the best way possible. And there you go, you have yourself a potential lead and possibly a customer at the lowest acquisition rate.

Easy to analyze and adapt

Digital marketing helps you to analyze the customers behaviour and how you can convert this data into effective campaigns. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, with the help of digital marketing you can look into how your campaigns are running and modify based on the customers interest to drive better results.

Targeting Audience made easy

Imagine a person is looking for dentists near him or best dental clinics, and your dental clinic has digital campaigns up and running then your dental clinic will show up on their screen. What digital marketing does is target people who are looking for services relevant to the kind of service your clinic is offering. It’s as easy as that.

Build brand visibility

Digital marketing helps with targeting high quality audiences for your dental clinics. And with high quality audience your brand gets more awareness. This gets you better chances of conversion and also at dominating the market.

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Strategies to promote your Dental Clinic online

Paid Ads- The best investment for your Dental Clinic

Running Paid ads on digital marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram might help to find your target audience. Customers live on social media nowadays and running effective paid ads will certainly help your dental clinic to find them

Social Media - Visibility makes your clinic trustworthy

Social Media Marketing is a great way of building trust and getting people to know about your Dental clinic. Unlike Paid ads, social media is a free tool to get reach for your dental practice online. Build relationships with existing customers and potential future customers and grab a hold of your target audience today

Engage people with creative videos

Engage with your audience about your business with creative videos. Tell who you are what your business is about and how you can help them. Video Marketing on channels like YouTube and Instagram is a sure shot win for any business today

Get listed on Google My Business

If you are a brick and mortar business then it’s a no-brainer for you to have a Google My Business page unless you don’t want your customers to find you online. Getting listed on GMB not only helps you to find future clients but also helps you with SEO and getting ranked higher on SERPs.

Cross-Platform Campaigns

Your target audience behave differently on different social media platforms and each social media platform have a specific demographic. Run cross-platform campaigns which are platform appropriate. The more cross-platform campaigns you run the higher your reach and return on ROI.


Word of mouth marketing is where your customers do the talking. Once you have satisfied your client base they do the heavy lifting and get the word out. Once your existing customers get the word out you can then give them referral codes and discount coupons to help bring in more customers.

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Dental Clinics that are leveraging FB & Instagram Ads


Many businesses are finding it difficult to strike a chord between traditional and digital marketing. Both forms of marketing need to complement each other and work harmoniously to bring more clients in the door.

Social Media is a powerful free tool for dentists to help establish their medical practice. A targeted social media strategy across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook will help get patients.

Yes. The app is free to install and inside the app you can find many free features such as personalized creatives for every business. The only thing that you would have to pay for is ads.

Zocket helps businesses in managing their ads and tracking their results. It allows businesses to run, manage, and track all their ads in a single place. As the tool is free, anyone can use it to promote the business.

Zocket will aid your dental clinic by building awareness and trust in your dental brand through cross-platform campaigns. It lets you measure campaigns, manage your clients, run ads on personalized services for your dental clinic.

Zocket helps businesses create digital ads in less than 30 seconds and grow digitally without any expertise. You can find a Tutorial playlist on our YouTube page to know more.

Zocket is a SaaS company that caters to the small-medium scale businesses in the digital advertising space. With Zocket you can run ads in less than a minute. With Zocket you can attract new customers and run localised ad campaigns without any expertise.

All you need to run ads on Zocket is to have a Facebook business page and you are good to go. It is quite easy to link your Facebook page with Zocket to can run ads seamlessly. Link Your Facebook page, choose an ad campaign and start running ads with Zocket today!

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