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Facebook Ad Creatives for Bakery

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Instagram Ad Creatives for Bakery

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Why Digital Marketing is important for Bakery?

Build Visibility

Build visibility for your bakery through digital marketing. Get your bakery listed on google my business to get more local visitors and also be sure to give social media a try to expand your business. Start today!

Improve your online presence

Improve your production, efficiency, and customer experience by changing the way you reach customers with bakery products. Broaden your reach by attracting new customers and Increasing your presence through different digital marketing channels.

Have a Business website

If you want to thrive in the online space then having a website is mandatory nowadays. You can build a simple website on a CMS like WIX or WordPress and stand out from your contemporaries who don’t have an online presence.

Make your Bakery stand out

Leverage the data you’ve collected to target the right audience for your bakery and stand out from the competition. Have a solid social media strategy in place for your bakery and have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Targeting Audience Simplified

Learn more about your target audience from all the information you need using Zocket. Use Zocket as a lead generation tool for your bakery. Run targeted localized campaigns with Zocket and get the word of your bakery out and let people find you online.

Build brand with Digital Advertising

Employ Digital Marketing with the help of Zocket app to your bakery to find business opportunities online to get more orders. Running ads on social media and google offer you an advantage over competitors who are completely traditional. Being found for what you offer is always money in the door one way or the other.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Bakeries

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Organic SEO on your website done right will no doubt get visitors to your website and bakery on autopilot but if you want to take it to the next level then google AdWords is a no-brainer. Start ranking for keywords that you offer and get those customers to your bakery today.

Build Trust on Social Networks

Like just how you built your bakery offline you need to build your bakery on different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Build trust on these platforms and interact with your audience. Offer loyalty discounts and some freebies on social media to attract some faces to your bakery.

Offer freebies and incentives

Offering freebies and incentives go a long way towards building the online presence of your bakery. This sets you apart from the competition as you are doing something out of the ordinary. Offering free delivery and discount coupons will want your audience begging for more and this helps in building trust and loyalty.

Google My Business

If you are a brick and mortar business then it’s a no-brainer for you to have a Google My Business page unless you don’t want your customers to find you online. Getting listed on GMB not only helps you to find future clients but also helps you with SEO and getting ranked higher on SERPs.

Host classes and events

Relying on just one form of marketing is never a safe bet. Don’t forget about the relevance of traditional marketing. You can host classes and events to benefit your audience and build brand simultaneously. Giving generously is a big part of gaining and this will benefit your bakery in the long run.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

People these days don’t buy a product unless it has decent reviews according to their standards. Allow ratings and reviews on your website to know about your audience, about their likes and dislikes, and work accordingly. Getting your bakery registered on apps like Swiggy and Zomato will also help your cause.

Zocket App vs Traditional Marketing Agency

Zocket App

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Marketing Agency

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Bakeries that are leveraging FB & Instagram Ads


The Internet is the best place for you to promote your bakery. You should establish a website and build social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest etc) for promotion. You can also use advertising to promote your bakery online.

There are a lot of effective ad strategies that you can use to promote your bakery online. Running ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are viable options. Search engine marketing and native advertising also help to advertise your bakery online.

Users spend a lot of time on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You should consider posting a lot of visual content like images, videos and recipes to cater to your social media audience.

Zocket is a SaaS company that caters to the small-medium scale businesses in the digital advertising space. With Zocket you can run ads in less than a minute. With Zocket you can attract new customers and run localised ad campaigns without any expertise.

All you need to run ads on Zocket is to have a Facebook business page and you are good to go. It is quite easy to link your Facebook page with Zocket to can run ads seamlessly. Link Your Facebook page, choose an ad campaign and start running ads with Zocket today!

Zocket helps businesses in managing their ads and tracking their results. It allows businesses to run, manage, and track all their ads in a single place. The tool is free for anyone to use for the promotion of their business in the digital world.

Zocket helps businesses create digital ads in less than 30 seconds and grow digitally without any expertise. You can find a Tutorial playlist on our YouTube page to know more.

Yes. The app is free to install and inside the app you can find many free features such as personalized creatives for every business. The only thing that you would have to pay for is ads.

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