Business Plans 101

A business plan, in its most basic form, is a guide—a roadmap for your company that specifies goals and describes how you intend to reach those goals. This guide will help you build, structure, and utilise your business plan in a number of ways.

Give structure to your newfound business with the help of a business plan!

Preparing a Business Plan? Here are a few crucial elements that you must keep in mind.

Learn why a business plan is a must and how it can help you with your business.
Not one, not two but there are six different types of business plans for you to explore here.
Check out whether your startup business idea is viable with a startup-specific business plan.
A business plan and marketing plan are so similar yet so different. Find out in this article why that is and how you can use it to your benefit.

This article will teach you the differences and uses of a business plan and a pitch deck, as well as how to utilize a pitch deck to summarize your company’s business plan.

Learn the differences between a business model and a business plan to have a better knowledge of how things function on each side and how both might benefit your business as a whole.

Although business strategy and business plan seem to be similar, the two terms refer to two very separate concepts. This article will teach you all about it.

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