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People adore stationery brands because they were always a significant part of our childhood experience, and even after growing up, many people value the pleasant feeling of having small touches of that innocent time of their life by holding such nostalgic objects with them when doing their office job.

The market for stationery items has reached Rs. 20,000 crore, with the sector, predicted to increase at a rate of 13% in the next years. Pens, spiral books, staplers, papers, and other items are among the products available on the market. As the industry expands, more businesses emerge, each providing personalized and straightforward products at low rates.

Over the last few years, stationery has evolved from being basic office essentials to some very attractive and luxurious pieces. If you walk into any stationery store, you’ll notice a large range of options, indicating that there’s something for every user and personality.

Key Market Players in the Indian Stationery Market

The Indian stationery sector, which includes paper goods, writing tools, computer stationery, school stationery, and office stationery, is valued Rs 4,000 crore.

The Indian stationery business is mainly disorganised; organized firms have a smaller market share than unorganized players. The stationery business is divided into three categories: school stationery, office stationery, and writing tools.

It is quite noticeable that the industry is fast transitioning toward a more organized form. Some of the major players in the organised stationery sector include Crossword bookshops, Books and Beyond, Cartoleria, and Office Linc.** Brands like Classmate, Navneet, Faber Castell and Kokuyo Camlin are household names across the country. They provide products ranging from school and office stationery to writing instruments and computer stationery.

Indian Brands

The stationery sector in India is valued at Rs 4,000 crore and includes a wide range of items and categories. Paper items, writing instruments, computer stationery, school stationery, and office stationery are the main categories that the sector is divided into. Here’s a list of the most popular Indian stationery brands that have been loved by the country for decades.

  1. Navneet
  2. Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.
  3. Apsara
  4. ITC Classmate
  5. JK Paper limited
  6. Rabbit Stationery Pvt Ltd.

Navneet is India’s most popular, bestselling, and largest stationery brand. The Gala Family launched the company in 1959. Since its debut in the stationery industry in 1993, Navneet has grown to become one of India’s most popular stationery brands.

Formerly known as “Camlin Ltd.”, they are one of India’s oldest brands. For the past 80 years, Camlin has provided world-class products, and they have just partnered with the Japan-based Kokuyo Group. They are one of the most well-known manufacturers of office supplies and a variety of writing instruments. Camlin has also expanded into art supplies, hobby supplies, and other areas since its inception and expansion.

“Extra marks for good handwriting.” This iconic line from one of Apsara’s most famous advertisements is known and loved by all. Apsara’s high-quality materials have made it a popular choice among students around the country. The brand began in 1970 as a manufacturer of high-end drawing pencils, but since the 1990s, they have expanded their product line to include a variety of stationery items.

Despite being a young brand, it is a household name in India, where everyone from children to office workers is aware of the brand’s quality and diversity. Classmate, which began with a line of student notebooks in 2003, is now India’s biggest notebook brand, with a wide range of stationery products including ball, gel, and roller pens, wood-cased & mechanical pencils, geometry boxes, and more. ‘Likho Apna Kal!’ is their tagline, which they use to encourage children.

JK Paper Limited Stationery Company is a business endeavour of the larger JK Organization, and it is India’s largest maker of branded papers. They offer a wide range of product portfolios, such as Office papers, Packaging boards, Printing & Writing Papers, and Specialty Papers, to aid in the smooth functioning of your business. JK Paper also exports to over 60 countries, including the United States, the Middle East, and others.

This company was founded in 1972 and has maintained its excellence since then, making it a pioneering manufacturer of stationery products in India. Surprisingly, this company began their enterprise by manufacturing erasers first. The Rabbit brand has been built through innovations and revolutionised by basic usefulness; items that have stood the test of time and are now the most popular among millennials.

Japanese Brands

  1. Pilot
  2. Uni
  3. Platinum

Japan’s largest pen manufacturer is famous all over the world for its unrivalled design and quality. Pilot’s bestselling product is their line of erasable gel pens, Frixion, that completely revolutionised the stationery industry by using thermosensitive ink. Since the introduction of the Frixion Ball, the Frixion collection has grown to include a variety of colours, felt-tipped pens, brush pen highlighters, and even erasable stamps!

The Uni-ball and Uni brands of writing instruments are manufactured by the Mitsubishi pencil company. In 1979, they began with a simple rollerball pen. Today, they are one of the most well-known brands of writing supplies in the world. Kuru-Toga mechanical pencils and their micro tip art pens are their standout items.

Japanese pen producers are renowned around the world for producing some of the best and most beautiful fountain pens. Platinum stationery is no exception. They design top quality, fine-tipped pens that are perfectly built for the exact technique of writing intricate Japanese characters. Platinum swept up the entry-level market with its brightly coloured, appealing, and affordable preppy fountain pen, while many other brands produced high luxury fountain pens.

Korean Brands

If you’re a stationery fan, you’re definitely aware that Korean stationery is on the rise as a result of the rapid rise of Hallyu. The unique Korean aesthetic style of stationery is gaining popularity around the world.

Fans of K-pop and stationery fanatics have discovered the world of Korean stationery and design owing to its innovative and cute designs. Scented gel pens, colourful highlighters, attractive stickers, and other fun extras for your notebooks and journals are all available in Korean stationery.

  1. Colorverse Ink
  2. Hwarang Rubber
  3. Iconic Design

Colorverse is known for creating high-quality fountain pen inks that are inspired by nature and the universe. Colorverse inks are clean and safe, as they are made from natural pigments and colours derived from plants. Colorverse inks have a smooth writing surface that allows you to feel the natural colours and experience a breathtaking journey through the cosmos.

Since 1950, Hwarang has been producing high-quality erasers and other creative materials. Hwarang Rubber manufactures erasers using eco-friendly materials. They’re now known as a trusted brand for both students and artists.

Iconic is a South Korean design and lifestyle company that was founded in 2004. Their designs include checklists, schedules, goal trackers, and more, and they incorporate charming animals and colours into their products. Iconic provides an exciting assortment of stationery products to everyday life by combining aesthetics and utility in perfect harmony.

American Brands

The educational, commercial, and entertainment organizations have always relied on a variety of elements, but stationery is one aspect that is critical to all of them.

The pen, the paper, the books, the files, the pin clips, the stamps, you name it, everything within the category of stationery is very important for any business to run.

Many organisations are succeeding in the area of stationery manufacture and are seeing increased demand. So, here is a list of some of the most popular and successful stationery brands in the United States.

  1. Sugar Paper LA
  2. American Stationery
  3. Crane & Co

This company has revolutionised the stationery industry. They provide handmade crafts, such as cards and study table stationery, that stand out from all the trendy items on the market. The most significant fact to know about Sugar Paper is that it has adapted and used 15th-century printing techniques.

Since 1919, American Stationery has crafted invitations and other paper items with care and workmanship. It provides unrivalled quality, variety, and customer service. They create stunning, one-of-a-kind stationery and customise it. All of their items are created in the United States. American Stationery has the perfect personalised stationery for you, whether you want something professional, informal, smart, fun, colourful, or sophisticated.

Stephen Crane supplied Boston newspapers and activists with his 100 per cent cotton paper in the late 1700s, a venture that grew into a full-fledged paper mill in Dalton, Massachusetts. The Crane family continued to make high-end paper goods that are still recognised as the pinnacle of stationery today.

German Brands

Germany has a long history of upholding the noble art of writing, and its penmanship has earned it an unrivalled reputation.

The written word has reigned supreme since Goethe’s time, but what it is written with and on is also significant. They may not always have the most cutting-edge technology, but they always make sure to perfect their writing techniques.

  1. Staedtler
  2. Faber-Castell
  3. Pelikan

Staedtler : This company is a supplier and producer of writing, artist, and engineering drawing materials based in Germany. J.S. Staedtler founded the company in 1835, and it now offers a wide range of writing instruments, including ballpoint pens, crayons, drafting pencils, propelling pencils, basic wooden pencils, and professional pens.

Faber-Castell is one of the world’s leading stationery firms, and a seller and producer of pencils, pens, various office supplies, as well as art materials, as well as high-end writing tools and luxury leather goods. This corporation is based in Stein, Germany. There are probably just a few people who haven’t heard of this world-famous brand.

Pelikan Pen Company was founded in 1838 in Hanover, Germany, and is one of the oldest pen manufacturers still in operation today. From a child’s pen to a limited edition Pelikan fountain pen, renowned German engineering is present in every Pelikan Pen. One of the most well-known pen lines on the market today is Pelikan’s Souverän.

Chinese Brands

China is the world’s largest exporter of office supplies and stationery. China exports about $3000 million worth of goods each year and is known for its low prices and attractive designs. The Chinese stationery industry just keeps growing every year. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous brands in this industry.

  1. Deli
  2. TrueColour
  3. Zhigao

Deli Stationery is a company that specialises in stationery manufacturing. The business is positioned as a top-tier integrated stationery provider. Deli Office is one of the world’s largest office supply businesses, offering inexpensive, dependable, one-stop products and solutions to the global market. Every office benefits from Deli’s quality and efficiency.

TrueColour Stationery, which was founded in the early 1990s, specialises in the creative design, technological development, manufacture, and marketing of real colour brand stationery. Writing tools, student stationery, office stationery, and early education materials are among their most popular items. True Color has developed to become one of China’s largest and most prestigious industry leaders.

Zhigao, a well-known brand in the Chinese stationery business, is dedicated to offering high-quality items to its customers. Pen case, pencil case, school bag, wallet, ruler, pencil sharpener, watercolour pen, oil pastel, altered tape, glue, scissors, colour mud, pen, refill, and building block toys are among the company’s more than 100 national patents.


Stationery is a specialized industry that faces fierce competition, especially since the introduction of electronic media stationery.

Good stationery can help you reach the extent of your creative potential, like the notion that the perfect notepad can help you fulfil your dreams.

Alternatively, many individuals feel that the blank first page of a new notebook can unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to be your most creative self. The thought that putting the ideal pen and paper together will only result in amazing and creative ideas is also a powerful incentive.

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